Manicures and Pedicures

Manicure Services  
Studio C Manicure
Our "anything but basic" signature
manicure trims, shapes, and buffs your
nails. Nails are finished with a polish color
of your choice
30 min
Color Refresh Polish
Nail shaping, buffing, and polish 
20 min
Teeny Manicure
Our signature manicure for kids 10 years
old and younger 
30 min
Gel Manicure
This service includes shaping nails, 
cuticle restoration, massage, and gel 
application. Our brands include Gelish 
and OPI, and last up to 14 days!
60 min
Gel Sculpt $70
Gell Fill + Overlay $40
Acrylic Full Set $70
Acrylic Fill $40
Repair $10
Pedicure Services  
Studio C Pedicure
Service includes shaping and buffing your
nails. Followed by our lemongrass scub
and lotion. Finished with polish of choice
45 min (add gel polish) $15
Wellness Pedicure
This service emphasizes foot health. Our
pharmaceutical grade also specializes
for those with diabetes
60 min
Spa Pedicure
The "works" pedicure. Includes all the 
pampering and precision of our basic, 
including an anti-oxidant mask and 
hydrating paraffin wax
60 min
Additional Services   Each Only $10
Nail Art & Design
French Polish
Lemongrass Sugar Scrub
Paraffin Wax
Extra Massage
Hydrating/Anti-Oxidant Mask
Clarisonic Brush Exfoliation
Callus Eliminator
Gel Soak-Off



Pavé Polish Change $50
This service includes polish change and Pavé Enhancement on your two big toes only.  
Pavé Pedicure $85
This is our Signature StudioC Pedicure with Pavé Enhancement on Two Big Toes Only.  
All Pavé Toes or Fingers. Pricing for this service upon request  
Please Visit Pavé Pedicure  

Our promise to you from StudioC a Beauty Lounge

Sterilization and hygiene. Click here for more information on how StudioC provides the most sterilized nail services available.

Special Health Considerations

If you have a special health condition or concern, please let us know! Leave your hands and feet to us - we'll take extra special care of them. Whether it's diabetes, circulatory issues, or you have a baby on the way, we'll do everything we can to adjust our service to ensure your safety and comfort.

At Studio C...a beauty lounge, we also feature a pedicure designed for foot conditions like severe dryness or cracking. We also feature Allpresan diabetic line, this is a medical skin treatment especially developed for diabetics.

Also featured in our StudioC pedicure line is our Aromatherapy "Get Fresh" line. We are proud of our affiliation with "Get Fresh" products as a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. Get Fresh designed a line called Warrior Princess. By buying these high-quality Spa-strength products, you are joining with thousands of people across this country who, like you, would love to show their gratitude to our Wounded Warriors. We at StudioC, along with get fresh are working towards helping these outstanding men and women by donating 10% of all sales of Warrior Princess products to the Wounded Warrior Project, a wonderful charity that helps in the healing process for these men and women everyday.

Come, join us in our efforts to help these wonderful people heal and have the kind of life that they all deserve!


Skin treatment for diabetics

  • Foot-Foam-Cream for Basic and Intensive therapy
  • Medical device – clinically proven
  • Moisture instead of fat
  • Absorbs quickly – without leaving an annoying film of fat
  • Can also be applied between the toes

Download PDF


Care for dry and sensitive skin

  • Air-light foam-creams for daily care of dry and sensitive skin – as well recommended for neurodermatisis and psoriasis
  • Products from head to toe – for hand, body and feet
  • Care in three steps: Basic, Intensive and Intensive PLUS

Download PDF


Special products for feet and nail

  • Fast absorbing Foot-Foam-Creams, which differ from its Urea content for daily Basic and Intensive care of dry and rough skin
  • Special products for caring and cleansing of sweaty feet, feet prone to fungal infection or stressed nails

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